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Dark Ed
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elricest chalenge [ Tuesday
7 Feb. 06 12:27am ]

I will write a fanfic or drabble with the pairing
and include the following things:
cigarette, library, handcuffs

Don't know what pairing to write?
Then let the Fullmetal Alchemist Pairing Machine decide for you

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NEW LAY OUT!!! [ Wednesday
25 Jan. 06 8:20pm ]
Oh yeah I was wortking on it and finally got it to work well sortof. lmao. this song is Brothers sung but Edward Elric(Vic whatshis face) this is fun
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green and brown [ Monday
16 Jan. 06 6:49pm ]
[ mood | omg ]

First Al fic. and It's in script and Al pov.Easier for me to write it out ok.


Title:Green and brown part one:My partner?
Pairing:AlxOFC (is not runa)OfCXOMC(this one doesn't last very long)EdxWin
(to you guys were wondering, Lunia was originally a character from a seprate series. As Puck. dun worry, I'm planing to kill her off.)
style:Script and Al's pov

Colonel Elric(Edward) Had assign his brother,Al, a partner. Who's the girl and would they be good friends?
And What's with the long sleeves

My partner?

Al:Brother, you can't be serious?

Edward:I am. Alphonse, I can't travel with you anymore. So, I assigned you a partner.*taps the intercom*Laura, Please send Major Richerds in

Secretary:yes Colonel Elric

Hi, I'm Alphonse Elric. I just became a state Alchemist. I'm known as the Armor Alchemist.Today I am assigned a Partner. Why would brother do that? As i standing and watching the door to my brother's office,I saw a girl with mossy brown hair and mint green eyes. She was a little shorter than I am. maybe as tall as Edward. Her hair were in Pigtails with black ribbons tied. She was cute,but is this my partner?

Edward:Alphonse,Meet Major Lunia Richerds. The Moonlight Alchemist

Al:Hello,I'm Alphonse.

Lunia:you said "Alphonse"? As in Alphonse Elric?


Lunia:I'm Lunia. please to meet you.

Al:Same here.

Edward:Lunia,Alphonse. I want you to check out a case. there are some witnesses of a murder somewhere in Halio shopping district.some said the barry the chopper had been sited. I want you both to check that out.


Lunia:Will do, Sir

Edward;thank you.

Lunia and i left the office and started on the case. I didn't want to believe it at first but i think I want to get to know her.So I can be friends with her. We spoke to the witnesses and confermed that It was Barry.

Lunch time was at noon, and also to get to know Lunia.

Al:Lunia, how old are you?

Lunia:19 you?

Al:20. got any family?

Lunia:a Mother and Father that's it,You?

Al:Yu know about my brother.

Lunia:Yeah. The colonel. I knew about you guys since you guys came to Xenotime

Al:Really? wow didn't know that. ha ha ha ha ha


I found out that Lunia was an only child. She is with Major Jeffery Archer,Lt. colonel Archer's Brother.and she is also living with him. I never met the guy but the rumors had it that he was abusive.She was quite in love with him. She's very cute, if you ask me.

We left the messhall. and went back to work. Studying and expecting the clues, we couldn't find him anywhere. I checked my watch and It was 5 o'clock. I had to go home. I said my goodbyes and left to my house. I ate dinner and spoke with my brother.

Ed:Al,so. what do you think of Lunia?

Al:what?*blushes* oh her. uhhh well uhhhh she's ok... I guess.

Ed:oh,did my little brother discovered girls?

Al:no...... what about Winry?

My brother had gotten himself Engaged to our old friend, Winry Rockbell. They haven't set a date yet.I never say my brother this happy before.

Ed:Tell me the truth. Do you like Lunia?

Al:well, if you don't mind if you keep it between us.

Ed:I'm not like Havoc and Mustang. Well, Spill.

Al:Brother... I don't like her... in fact *closes eyes* I LOVE her.

Ed:Well, lil Alphonse Elric has his very first crush.

Al:Brother, Please stop teasing me.

Ed:Whatever you say,Al.

I went to my room and change into my pajamas. The thought of Lunia being my crush was silly. I mean She has a boyfriend. and If I might be mistaken, he was abusive. As I turn down my covers and went under the covers,I thought about her. God, Why is she in my head. make it stop.I closed my eyes and Went to bed. I can't help it,but to dream of her.

The next day, I did the usual stuff. Shower,dress,and ate Breakfast.
I left for Head Quarters with my brother. I came into my Office and saw Lunia wearing Long sleeves

Al:Lunia,was something wrong?

Lunia:No,Alphonse. I'm Fine.

I knew it. Lunia was Lying.

Al:Roll out your sleeves,Lunia.

Lunia rooled up her sleeves and there were multiple bruises on her arms.

Al:What Happen?

Lunia:Jeff beated me when he heard that You are my partner. He's Jealous,you know.

Al:i bet he is.

So, the rumors were true. He is Abusive. I left my office and Went to find Major Archer.

Al:Archer, where are you manners?

Archer:Oh, It's The Fameous Alphonse Elric.what brings you here?

Al:You hit My Partner.Over the fact that I became her partner.

Archer:Yeah. So, She's MY Girlfriend.

Al:Well, She won't be staying with you anymore.

Archer:Sure. whatever pal. You became a state alchemist because your Brother is the Colonel.

That was the last Straw. I Took off my jacket and pushed my sleeves. Itackles him and beat the shit out of him. One of our officers caught us and held me back

Al: Let me go. He hurt my partner.

Officer 1:Sir, please. he did no such thing.

Al:bullshit. I saw the bruises on her arm.

Officer 2:major,Is that True?

Archer:Yes. But SHE'S MY WOMAN!!!!

The officers took Archer to General Mustang's office. I went back to my office. I saw Lunia there.

Lunia:Alphonse, Why? Why did you beat him up like that?

How can I tell her that I had to to protect her? I swollow my pride and started to Explain to her that Archer was like his brother, Foul.

Lunia:You did that for me?

Al:Yeah. It was wrong for a guy to hit a lady.It was my duty as a gentleman to defend a lady no matter what.

Lunia:You Idiot.I was suppose to marry him. My parents made me be his girlfriend.

She stormed out of the office. I thought I did something right. I shruged it off and went back to work I worked to 5 o'clock. On my way home, I spotted someone in armor and Major Archer talking.
I hid from them and listened to thier conversation.

Archer:So, you know what to do,right?

?:yeah. I know the guy. I fought him once.

Archer:But to bring him to our trap, you must take Lunia as bait.

?:Riger that,Jeff.

Archer:excellent,Barry the butcher.

End part one


Ed:Hello, Welcome Green and Brown's omake

Lunia:>.> hello colonel shorty


Al:Brother, stop... You'll make a sceene

Ed:ok, But you have to Tell Lunia about your feelings for her.


Al:*blushes* i... i... i...

Lunia:Sorry folks that's all the time we have. stay tune to Part 2: Alchemists over Flowers.

All:Ta ta for now

please, no negetive comments.

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Envy joke [ Monday
9 Jan. 06 8:33pm ]
a childish yet a funny one.

My Envy Joke.

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To be loved [ Wednesday
4 Jan. 06 7:21pm ]
title:To Be loved
Pairing: a Brief EdxAl and AlxOFC
Rating:pg It's more like a fluff really
summery: Edward and Alphonse had a agrument when Al told him that He's getting Married. Edward is being selfish. Who is the girl Al is marrying

To Be loved

"Brother, I love her. Can't you Understand That?" A young man shouted at a tall blonde fellow.

"Al, you're being Childish. I thought We LOVED Each other."Said a man.

"Edward, Runa and i are getting Married. I left the Life we once had because I want to have a family of my own and be a normal guy." Spoke,Alphonse

Edward Elric,a 21 year-old man,wanted His brother all to himself and no one to have him. Alphonse had got Himself engaged to a friend of thiers since They were training with thier teacher.

"She won't love you like I do, Al." yelled Edward with tears from his eyes

"I know,brother. But that was it the past. Runa and I are getting Married, and that's it.I love her and She loves me. ok?" Said Alphonse leaving edward behind him.

A Young Woman with dark hair and grey eyes appeared outside.

"Alphonse, Are you ready?" Said the girl.

"Yeah,I am. But I can't get my brother to give us his blessing."

"It's ok,dear. He'll understand in due time."

The happy couple packed the truck and and got into the care.

"Runa,Alphonse. Wait!" Said Edward who is running.


"I'm sorry. I was being selfish. I want to give you my Blessing.Runa Curtis, Take care of my little brother."

"Sure,Big Brother" said Runa who is smiling.

Alphonse and Runa went off to Dublith and thier new life awaits.

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YAY [ Tuesday
3 Jan. 06 6:49pm ]
[ mood | MOVIE!!!!!! ]

www.youtube.com has done it again.

They have someone doing the movie for fma

type in Fullmetal Alchemist:Conqueror of Shambala

and you get 8 parts. enjoy.

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Happy New Year [ Friday
30 Dec. 05 5:33pm ]
[ mood | omg ]

Hey,guys. Runa-chan here. I will make a fma fanfic soon for new years but a late one.

Ja matte,MIINA-San i hopw you like it.

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[ Monday
12 Dec. 05 5:28pm ]
Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last Friday I ate my brussel sprouts (1 points). In September I helped triggur see the light (8 points). In November I ruled Duluth, Minnesota as a kind and benevolent dictator (700 points). In March I gave change to a homeless guy (19 points). Last Wednesday I bought porn for triggur (-10 points).

Overall, I've been nice (718 points). For Christmas I deserve a new bike!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:
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A Rose Christmas:a fma xmas fic [ Thursday
8 Dec. 05 6:21pm ]
[ mood | fan fic ]

Title:A Rose Christmas


Edward,Alphonse,and Runa Enjoyed a real Christmas after All the Events of thier adventure. What Runa Wants for christmas was something Edward never even thought about... Letting His Brother go.

A rose Christmas..

"Edward.... Edward.... Come On. It's Snowing." A Tall Blonde fellow calling Out to His Older Brother

"What,Al?" Edward said in a hint of Annoiance

"Brother, It's Snowing...."

A Chocolte brunette girl came out of the Kitchen. Her Silver Eyes Laid on The Elric Brothers. Her Name Was Runa Curtis. She was a vision of ethreal beauty. She Was A talented Alchemist,swordsman,and Musician. Edward and Alphonse Knew her Sinse they were only 9 ot 10 years old. She was a good friend.

"Edward, Alphonse. What the Hell are you guys doing?"

"Runa,Good morning" Said Edward Gazing at His friend

"Good Moring,Edward. are you guys gonna fight or come and Eat Breakfast?" She Barked.

Alphonse Looked at Runa with fear and yet he doesn't fear her.

"We're Coming,Runa."

"Okay. we're having Edward's favorite, Oatmeal."

Edward smiled and follows His roommate to the dining room.

After They all had thier Breakfast,Edward left to go to work. Runa Left to go christmas shopping.

Alphonse Was All by himself. He wanted to give his friend,Runa, a gift. He forgot what She like.

"I wonder what Runa wants for christmas." Alphonse esaid out loud.

Meanwhile, at the market,Runa Wondered into the shops Looking for a Perfect gift for Ed and al.

"I remember Edward like Alchemy books, and Al likes cooking books."She whispers to herself.

She sighs and Thought to herself.

"If the boys knew what I want for Christmas. I really want is to have my chance To tell Al how I feel."She said.

Then, She Spotted Riza Hawkeye.

"Riza!!!!!!!" Runa Yelled at her Older friend.

"Runa?" Riza replyed to Runa.

"Riza, what do you want to give a guy you like for Christmas?"

"Runa, why would you ask me that?"

Runa bit her lip and said,"I wanted to Find a Perfect Gift for Al."

"Is that all,Runa?"


"I think making a special gift

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last elisode [ Saturday
3 Dec. 05 4:57pm ]
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